Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Staying positive!

senget pun happy. sabah march 2012
I am not sure whether today is a productive day or not, but still.....try to be positive all the time. hmmm. So right now I am going to write down some of today's events that makes me happy.

Alhamdulillah, hari ni mentari bersinar cerah. Tak macam semalam, pi office kena pakai raincoat. Sempat breakfast kat workstation aku, lepas ambil nescafe tarik kat level ## which is the highest floor dekat bangunan tempat aku kerja. merempit sengih, breakfast pun sengih.

And for the rest of the day aku ada kerja, which is GOOD. Takda la buat buat busy pandang laptop konon macam banyak sangat kerja nak disiapkan. 'Alt + Enter', I will remember this till death. Thanks to my friend sebab ajar. Ease my job. Honestly aku suka kalau dapat try and belajar benda baru. senyum dalam hati sampai skrg. And thanks to me myself also sebab ringan mulut, rajin nak tanya

tadi while lunch break i bought nescafe 3 in 1 browny and creamy. I suggest not to buy this because the taste sucks. sorry nescafe, but this time, you guys come out with a LAME product. I thought it gonna be creamy. Sia sia my 13 ringgit

One more today sempat khatam the Star newspaper sampai separuh while waiting for........(tak payah la mention, actually nak cerita yg aku menyampah gile menunggu). but I believe in this, what goes around comes around. anda buat kat org, satu hari nanti Allah balas balik kat anda. So while waiting tadi aku sengih je la. try nak ikhlas kan hati walaupun plan ptg tadi kalau boleh nak jogging. takpe next time maybe

last but not least, for all gen Y like me.....don't forget to buy the Star this coming Saturday. I think they've got  SOMETHING for us!