Monday, December 29, 2008


mase selection Malaysia U-21

[01] Real name : Abdul Karim Mohd Daud
[02] Nickname : kwn2 panggil karim atau karimdaud
[03] Status : exam around the corner~!!!
[04] Zodiac Sign : capricorn
[05] Gender : rambutku bukan aurat bg mu
[06] Age : forever 20?
[07] High School : sekolah melayu jln stesen
[08] College : MMU
[09] Height : above 170cm
[10] Weight : currently above 70kg
[11] Do you like yourself : definitely yes~!!!
[12] Piercings : bodo je
[13] Right or left : lefthanded bebeh
[14] Are you a freak : I am a muslim
[15] Hair : ya aku ada rambut
[16] Skin : sawo matang kot
[17] Allergic :
[18] What are you doing now : thinking
[19] What will you doing 1 hour later : movies or assgnment maybe
[20] What will you doing 10 years later : memandangkan skrg maybe tgh spend time wif my kids...n my wife hopefully.

[21] Live with mother/father/parents/family : family
[22] Siblings(included you) :
[23] Eldest : I myself
[24] Youngest :
[25] Love/hate your family : love...always and forever

[26] You found your another half : masih belum kahwin, so kira blum la kan?
[27] If yes, who is he/she :
[28] Who you want he/she to be : be herself
[29] Time(s) you in relationship :
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo : straight bebeh
[37] Reasons you love your other half : erm....reason?
[38] You and your other half in which stage :


[43] The friends you love the most : kwn2 pompuan la...kwn2 laki wat ap nak syg~!! tp bila futsal ptg2 ngan korang...mmg best la.thx la korang
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only) : syaitan...answer sama cam pjal
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend : aaaaa......erm, erm...
[46] Your most handsome boy friend : karang tulis kang...ade yg cop aku gay biar ku pendam dalam hatiku shj.
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most :
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most :

[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover :
[51] If your friend backstabbing you : kita settle kat akhirat la kan?
[52] If your friend betray you : aku betray balik
[54] If your friends fall in love with you : boleh ke?
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend : tak pernah lg best friend aku pompuan

[56] Are you a good student : YES
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments : YES
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most :
[59] Always late to school/college : NEVER
[60] Your class : NEVER late
[64] Excellent result classmate : topek si wira tunggal


[75] You are what kind of people : low profile

[76] Lip or eyes : both
[77] Hugs or kisses : both
[78] Shorter or taller : taller....aku la yg taller
[81] Listener or talker : it depends
[82] Romantic or rich : want both
[83] Good husband/wife or Good Father/mother : both la senang citer

[91] adam dota
[92] kokrain-gua tak tipu
[93] daus x-maahad
[94] hziq sani
[95] ixuan mdprint shop
[96] dawood dewa politik
[97] kaer daie bebas
[98] topek wira tunggal

Personal Finance: 20 Dos & Don'ts for 2009

ini duit syilling
nak share article yg aku jumpa on de net....

During the worst economic crisis in a lifetime, the right financial decisions are crucial.

BusinessWeek asked financial planners for some advice on what to do -- or not to do -- with your money in the New Year. As we bid farewell to a dreadful 2008, these "resolutions" may help keep your finances on the right track in 2009:

1. Don't try to predict the future.

"We are currently in the midst of unprecedented and complex challenges," says Femi Shote of Asset Harvest Group in McLean, Va. Anyone who thinks he or she can predict what's going to happen is "delusional," Shote says.

Financial advisers often hear from clients who would like to sell stocks now and then buy again when the market hits bottom. "My response is, 'How do you know when that will be?'" says Trent Porter of Priority Financial Planning in Fort Collins, Colo.

aku : ya! anda bukan tuhan.....senang citer, camni.... ANDA merancang, tapi ALLAH yg menentukan!

2. Do keep enough cash available.

Even if you're not worried about losing your job, a rainy-day fund can provide peace of mind.

There are different guidelines for how much cash to keep on hand. Some say $12,000 or more per adult; others say it should be six to nine months of living expenses. With extra cash available, you can avoid selling investments to pay for expenses in an emergency.

aku : point ini sgt penting! lebih2 lg jika anda ketua keluarga.... anak2 anda, isteri anda bergantung kpd anda. Emergency barangkali, anda tidak tahu.... so pastikan saving account anda sentiasa berisi! pastu additional, ATM card jgn sepah2 ye.kang susah nak carik~!!!!

3. Do invest internationally.

Though the financial crisis started in the U.S., the past year has been worse for investments in the rest of the world. The MSCI EAFE, an index of international stocks, is down 43% this year, and stocks in emerging economies fared far worse. American investors who diversified abroad have also been pummeled by the rise in the U.S. dollar.

Even after a year like that, advisers say it's not wise to abandon international investments entirely. For one thing, though some key overseas economies, like China's, have been hit hard lately, their long-term economic fundamentals look better than those of the U.S.

aku : no komen sgt la pasal invest internationally. tapi jika anda sukakan risk atau risk taker, why not?! high risk high return kan? mungkin anda boleh consider China Ittikal sbg investment anda (islamic unit trust fund from public mutual...promote2.hahaha)

4. Don't try to pick one winning investment. Diversify.

Putting all your money in one stock is dangerous at a time when a company's bankruptcy can completely wipe out the value of its shares.

Robert Siegmann of Financial Management Group in Cincinnati advises clients to balance their portfolios between fixed income and stocks, with shares in various types of companies -- small and large, U.S. and international. "Don't try to pick the winning stock, or the winning idea. Just diversify across all investments and markets," he says.

aku : a'ah pelbagaikan investment anda. personally aku amat setuju point berikut! mungkin anda dah invest in asb, cimb, try pulak public mutual. then try plak ternakan ikan keli ke mase anda cuti ke.... then bila dah besar, bole jual RM1 seekor kat jiran2. xpun kasik free je. jiran happy, anda pun happy. atau mungkin anda boleh menghadiri kursus2 jangka pendek yg mane boleh meningkat skills yg ada pada anda. contoh masak western food ke...ape2 je. nanti dah terer, mane tau boleh biz kdai western food. ke.belum cube belum tau kan?!

5. Do think about energy efficiency.

Russell Francis of Portland Financial Advisors in Beaverton, Ore., recommends that investors take advantage of a $500 federal residential energy tax credit that was rescinded in 2008 but returns in 2009. The credit can help cover the costs of adding insulation or replacing doors, windows, or furnaces -- home repairs that should also save you on heating and cooling costs.

aku : ini system sana.... malaysia lain policy

6. Don't stop contributing to 401(k) and other retirement accounts.

Says Sidney Blum of GreenLight Fee Only Advisors in Evanston, Ill.: "Everyone loves to invest in their 401(k) when the markets are flying high, but they should keep putting money in while the markets are down." He adds: "More money is made at the bottom of a market than at the top."

Even more pessimistic planners say you should be taking advantage of any match your employer offers for retirement fund contributions.

aku : senang citer, let ur EPF grow over time. suruh dia duduk diam2 kat situ. nanti pencen, banyak manfaat yg boleh anda perolehi. keperluan anda di hari tua~!!! igt org tua x pakai duit ke....

7. Do live below your means. Save.

Investing for the future is only possible if you have some money left over at the end of each month to sock away. View this BusinessWeek slide show for 25 ways to save more each month.

aku : ya saving sgt penting! amat sgt penting...kejituan yg jelas lg nyata! dpt gaji bulan2 jgn lupa simpan at least 10% dr total gaji anda...jadikan amalan anda. nak lg best, any income yg anda dpt simpan at least 10% tapi kalau lg byk...itu mmg wa ckp sama lu, mmg bgus la. jgn la rebate minyak yg anda dpt RM150 tu anda joli sakan sumer nya. tukar sport rim moto anda ke(buat all mat moto out there...hahaha)

8. Don't make sudden moves.

"Refrain from making extreme changes to the portfolio just because the financial markets are volatile," says William Howell, a financial adviser in Noblesville, Ind. "Stick to the overall investment game plan."

In such an extreme environment, investment decisions based on emotion or fear are likely to lose you money. It's probably better to ignore the day-to-day news and follow a long-term investing plan.

aku : a'ah jgn cuak dan bimbang atau terlalu gembira dgn any news yg singgah beristirehat kat telinga korang. bukan ke selalu anda dgr kjap macam ni..tiba2 alih2 camtu plak. so senang citer bykkan bersabar..kan sabar sebahagian drpd iman

9. Do pay off expensive debts.

Rather than investing your money, you first might consider paying off debts, especially those with high rates or those for which interest is not tax-deductible. The avoidance of interest will likely save you more than your investments would have earned.

Stanley F. Ehrlich, an adviser in Westfield, N.J., notes: "Paying off a car loan with 7% interest provides an immediate 7% return, a return that is not (currently) available through most asset classes." Credit-card debt is so expensive that most planners say it is always the first thing people should pay off.

aku : hutang kad kredit, hutang bank ke,,,keta ke...adik ke...cpt2 la byr. lebih2 lg yg melibatkan interest. lebih cepat anda langsaikan, lebih tenang hari2 yg anda lalui

10. Don't give up on stocks.

"Historically some of the best periods for stock market returns have been during dismal economic times," says Paul Winter of Five Seasons Financial Planning in Salt Lake City. Though investors approaching retirement shouldn't risk too much money in volatile equity markets, investors hoping to build a nest egg for the long term have few better options than the stock market.

aku : stocks, unit trust and forex ke.... syorkan anda try. mungkin rezeki anda, siapa yg tahu?! tapi make sure anda mempunyai ilmu atau dptkan nasihat drpd mereka yg lebih arif dan boleh membimbing anda

lagi 10....nantikan post yg seterusnya~!!!! selamat tahun baru, 1430

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bila dah kaya raya...

RM 300000 for just a piece of art!!! what a waste?! what type of investment is that?! but of course it is his money and he can do anything he wants. he deserves it! maybe it is his passion.for me that is a huge sum of money... myk siot duit dia

kalo aku ade duit myk tu, 100k aku nak simpan, 50k aku nak buat investment...150k lg aku nak joli sakan tp xde la cam mamat billionaire yg aku bace dlm the star ni.maybe satisfaction dia mcm tu...tapi kalo aku, aku nak:

1. beli zxr250 (lesen ku b2 je) 20k
2. beli viva untuk mak aku 40k
3. beli fz150i 8k [10k la aku ltk sini]
4. tlg mak & ayah renovate rumah 30k
5. holidays ngan family 10k
6. derma kt mereka yg memerlukan 10k
7. joli tunggang terbalik ngan kwn2 5k
8. repair, cat and kasik lawa kancil utk adik aku 5k
9. Reserve funds [daily expenses, emergencies, bills, groceries and so on] 20k

kalo anda? terpulang pd diri masing2. of course bila anda kaya, money is just nothing.duit anda, so anda fikir fikirkan

p/s: make sure spend or kalau terlampau banyak, tulis surat wasiat siap2 sebab bila anda mati, 50k means nothing! even RM5 pun anda dah tak perlukan.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Done by the above 18

Is not saying that my english is perfect but this silly mistake should not be repeated by anyone on the earth...not anymore!!!

got washer machine
washing machine la dude~!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

There's hope even for your unit trust

KUALA LUMPUR: Unit trust fund holders can still get their money back in the event of a bank failure because their money is held separately by a trustee.

The amount would depend on the performance of their fund in the market -- be it a profit or loss.

"It's not a problem at all," said Federation of Malaysian Unit Trust Managers council member Cheah Chuan Lok.

"They can get back the money even if their fund manager, or what we call counter-party, goes bust.

"The beauty of unit trust is that the fund managers don't have control of the money. They only direct the investment for their clients."
Each fund will have its own trustee, so the trustee custodies the assets.

The prospectus of each unit trust fund would spell out which trustee is responsible for the fund, which is a different bank.

For example, he said, the money collected from investors in AmFund would not be given to AmTrustee.

"So if AmFund goes bust, none of the money would be with us -- it'd be with our trustee, HSBC Trustee.

"And even if HSBC Bank fails, HSBC Trustee's money is ring-fenced in the sense that it's here in Malaysia and it is set aside as clients' money and has nothing to do with HSBC at all."

The trustee's job is to call for a meeting with the fund investors to ask them what they want to do with their money -- either find a new fund manager or return the money to them.

"That's their job. If they don't do it and if the unit holder has sent notices to them and if there's a further loss because of the trustee's delay in calling for a meeting, then the unit holder can sue the trustee for negligence.

"So it'd be silly to drag it out. They would call for the meeting within a reasonable amount of time."

The unit holder can also bring the matter to the attention of the Securities Commission, as unit trusts are under its purview.

p/s : source of this article. here

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Harga minyak turun lg tp...

Ya! Kerajaan Malaysia telah mengumumkan harga baru bg diesel dan petrol berkuat kuasa 3 Dec 2008. Nice la paklah...cmni la baru boleh mengaku mementingkan kebajikan rakyat. anyway syabas kpd kerajaan yg masih memerintah skrg...

TAPI...kenapa harga makanan tak turun2? harga bahan mentah ttp same mase harga petrol RM2.70/liter. tula dulu mase naikkan harga minyak mendadak, kalian yg berkuasa ni xnk fikir consequences nya...tgk bila harga brg runcit dah melambung tinggi baru la nak buat kempen suruh pasaraya pasaraya besar(tesco and the geng) cut down their price. then geng2 bagak ni dibenarkan beroperasi hingga midnight. pastu ap jadi kat kdai2 runcit yg ownernya orang kita sendiri?! rakyat kita sendiri?! xde biz la jwbnye. pastu apa hal korang suruh rakyat join biz? nak suruh rugi? pikir la masak2 dulu sebelum korang buat any decision.korang pun dah tua. umah kata pegi, kubur, kata mai la sini...

then harap lepas ni sebelum buat statement, pikir la dulu. ni contoh statement oleh bakal???? PM kita

"the reduction in fuel price would result in lower food price, Najib said the Government hoped that the inflation trend would decrease
(copy paste dari the star online)

jgn maen lps ckp je. kang nnt nampak cam opcle(opposite of clever) tapi jawatan besar...pak menteri tu

ps: bestnye kalo statement pak menteri najib tu btul2 jd kenyataan. harga minyak turun, harga brg pun turun

Monday, December 1, 2008

Manusia - Eh, dah subuh dah?
Malaikat - Bangunlah wahai anak Adam, tunaikan solat subuh mu ...
Syaitan - Alahhhhhh, kejaplah, ngantuk ini...awal lagi nie.zzzzzzzz

Manusia - Nak makan, laparlah..
Malaikat - Wahai Anak Adam, mulakanlah dengan Bismillah...
Syaitan - Ahh, tak payahla... dah lapar ni !! mmm.. sedapnyaaaa. ...

Manusia - Hari ni nak pakai apa ye?
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, pakailah pakaian yang menutup aurat..
Syaitan - Ehh, panaslah, takde style langsung, nampak kampung!!!

Manusia - Alamak, dah lewat!
Malaikat - Bersegeralah wahai manusia , nanti terlewat ke pejabat..
Syaitan - Ahhh!!awal lagi..mmm.. aaahh.. suruh si X, punchkanlah.

Manusia - Azan sudah kedengaran.. .
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, bersegeralah menunaikan kewajipan
Syaitan - Baru pukul berapa.. rilex lah.. awal lagi nieii..

Manusia - Eh, eh... tak boleh tengok ini, berdosa...
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, alihkanlah pandanganmu, sesungguhnya Allah
Maha Melihat dan mengetahui!
Syaitan - Perggghh... best tu.... rugi ooo kalau tak tengok nie..

Manusia - Saudaraku sedang melakukan dosa
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, cegahla ia..
Syaitan - Apa kau sibuk? Jangan jaga tepi kain orang, lantaklahh

Manusia - Elok kalau aku sampaikan nasihat ini kepada orang lain
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, nasihat-menasihatil ah sesama kamu..
Syaitan - Sendiri pikirlah, semua dah besar, buat apa susah2...

Manusia - Aku telah berdosa.
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, bertaubatlah kamu,sesungguhnya Allah Maha
Syaitan - Tangguhlah dulu, lain kali boleh bertaubat... lagipun muda
hanya sekali.....rugilah. .. (kalau sempat la)

Manusia - Kalau pergi, mesti seronok!
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, kakimu ingin melangkah ke jalan yang
dimurkai Allah, berpalinglah dari jalan itu .
Syaitan - Jangan bimbang, tiada sesiapa yang tahu... Jomlahhh

Manusia - Uuhhh! letihnya arini.. tak solat lagi nieee..
Malaikat - Wahai anak Adam, taatilah Allah dan RasulNYA, kebahagiaan di
dunia dan akhirat untukmu. Solat itu wajib bagimu...
Syaitan - Hey anak Adam, ikutilah aku,kebahagiaan di dunia (sahaja) dan
kebahagiaan diakhirat (jangan mimpi lah!) untukmu...

Sekarang anda mempunyai 3 pilihan :
1. Anda - Patutke aku biarkan E-mail ini tetap dalam mailbox aku.
2. Malaikat - Ingatkan pada kawan yang anda kenal (Forward E-mail ini)
3. Syaitan - Tak payahlah sebuk2

**Firman Allah yang bermaksud; Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Tidak sama yang buruk dengan yang baik, walaupun banyaknya yang buruk itu menarik hatimu." Oleh itu bertakwalah kepada Allah wahai orang-orang yang berakal fikiran, supaya kamu berjaya. (al-Ma'idah 5:100)**

p/s: sebijik2 kne kt aku