Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interesting..for the month of April 2010

Benda-benda yg pada aku, interesting, dan aku nak share dengan korang. Enjoy~!! Kalau korang tak setuju, terpulang. Aku pun tak kisa. hehehe. tapi jgn la bukak facebook je. manyak lagi benda-benda best kat dunia ni yg korang boleh tahu through internet selain drpd ternak ikan kat fb atau tanam pokok secara online.

1. world news in pictures. Hidup bukan hanya di Malaysia je. Ade peluang, go! visitlah negara orang

2. How to be an optimist

3. Fastestfox - browse faster bebeh~!!

4. Debu-debu kecil yg menyebabkan kerugian kepada industry penerbangan

5. Zen habits. bagus utk motivation

6. Rabbit house. tips utk para penternak arnab tapi ni mat salleh punya style.

7. get rich slowly. awesome & great ideas

8. Just entered the working world? read this!!!

9. Some tips for job success. click here

10. touch up your resume?-click-

nanti aku update lg list ni

Sunday, April 4, 2010

independent news source

1. bored with the same daily political news that u watch on TV? that u read in the newspaper?

2. ever wonder about the opinion and view of all the mat bangkang out there?

3. want to have new a perspective or at least a balance information on what is going on to our country's political situation?

4. why not u try to visit this website. click here

warta maya

a. it is summary of other people's point of view in which i think is more independent and not to BNisme as what we always watch in tv3 and all the mainstream media.

b. go! read their stories and analyze the information. we have the rights to feed ourselves with the correct information.

c. don't just waste your time on facebeuooooking all the time. just go and click on the topic that interest u the most. enjoy!