Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bounty Hunter 2010

1. My rating: 5.9 out of 10

2. Maybe can be categorize into romantic comedy genre

3. It is not A so hard to understand movie. Cerita ringan ringan la. Jalan cerita pun simple

Lesson that can be learned from this movie:

- gambling is obviously not one of the ways to become rich.

- talk and discuss with your partner whenever there is problem occurred between both of you

- speak out your wants, your feelings

- no one can read your mind, so don't expect others to be your mind reader

- spend times with your beloved ones

- in relationship, you have to give & to take

Monday, May 3, 2010

world's most amazing...

tempat aku manda dulu-dulu dengan kawan2

tempat budak hingusan

swimming pool

1. Anda suka, enjoy berenang?

2. Siang tadi aku jumpa this article, sj nak share-world's most amazing hotel pools-

3. Pergilah. jika anda ada masa, ada duit pergilah ke tempat2 ini dan berenanglah dengan sepuas-puasnya

4. Hidup ini takkan nak duduk malaysia je kan, ye tak?

5. Jadi bagi mereka yg berkesempatan, especially yg masih single, yg masih bujang, yg tanggungan pun masih belum ada, ambillah kesempatan yg ada untuk anda melawat ke negara orang

erm by the way,

a. siapa tahu kolam renang and air terjun semulajadi yg best kat Malaysia?

b. nanti share kat comment ye. aku nak pergi menenangkan fikiran... :]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Movie Review: whiteout 2009

whiteout 2009

1. Fan of kate beckinsale? wanna see her loss her two fingers?

2. Wanna see people fight in the ice?

3. Wanna see some old man did not finish what he has started?

4. Wanna see some mat salleh and minah salleh who is exteremely good at predicting something that has occured in the past? biase la citer mat salleh. bangsa diorang semua pandai-kononnye la

5. Wanna see some lame ending to a so called OK movie?

then whiteout would be perfect for you~!!

my rating : 5/10

is an OK movie :|

and by the way the movie is 99.9% clean. Not like every other american movie. I bet you guys understand what I meant. hehehe